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Discover the Art of Subtle Rejuvenation


Sculptra uses poly-L-lactic acid to help rebuild collagen for a more youthful-looking appearance that can last up to two years.


Collagen is a protein in the deep dermis that gives skin structure and supports the functions of elastin and hyaluronic acid, which helps maintain the skin's shape. A healthy supply of collagen aids in keeping it smooth and hydrated and makes for a more youthful-looking complexion.​


"SCULPTRA has given me back a youthful radiance that feels entirely my own. It's like my skin is telling its own beautiful story."


-Lisa S.


Introducing SCULPTRA, a revolutionary way to rejuvenate your appearance with subtle yet transformative results. Unleash your skin's potential for natural-looking volume and vitality, embracing a radiant transformation that unfolds gradually over time.



SCULPTRA is a unique dermal filler that stimulates your skin's natural collagen production, revitalizing your look from within. With SCULPTRA, you're not just addressing lines and wrinkles, you're nurturing your skin's fundamental structure for lasting radiance.



Through a series of injections, SCULPTRA triggers your skin to create its own collagen, enhancing volume and firmness over time. This gradual approach ensures a subtle transformation that complements your natural beauty.


Who Is a Good Candidate for SCULPTRA?

If you're looking for gradual enhancement that revives your skin's youthful vitality, SCULPTRA may be perfect for you. It suits those seeking natural-looking results that develop gradually.


Top Reasons People Choose SCULPTRA:

  1. Natural-Looking Transformation: SCULPTRA enhances your appearance by encouraging your skin to produce its own collagen, achieving gradual yet impactful results.

  2. Long-Lasting Radiance: With effects that can extend up to two years, SCULPTRA offers lasting beauty that unfolds over time.

  3. Versatility: SCULPTRA can address multiple areas, including smile lines, marionette lines, and wrinkles.

  4. Subtle Elegance: Enjoy results that enhance your features without compromising your unique beauty.

  5. Gentle Approach: SCULPTRA works naturally with your skin's rhythm, providing a transformation that feels entirely your own.


What You Can Expect from SCULPTRA:

Your SCULPTRA journey begins with a consultation to discuss your goals. The treatment involves a series of injections, often requiring more than one session to achieve optimal results.


SCULPTRA Recovery Time:

Patients can typically resume normal activities shortly after treatment, with minor side effects like redness and swelling that usually resolve quickly.


Benefits of SCULPTRA:

  • Collagen Restoration: SCULPTRA triggers your skin's collagen production for improved texture and volume.

  • Gradual Transformation: Experience the joy of beauty that matures over time, revealing a natural radiance.

  • Multi-Faceted Enhancement: Address various areas, including smile lines, wrinkles, and hollow cheeks.

  • Lasting Impact: Enjoy SCULPTRA's results that can extend up to two years, embracing enduring beauty.


Most Popolar Questions about SCULPTRA:

  1. What is SCULPTRA? SCULPTRA is a dermal filler that stimulates collagen production, gradually enhancing volume and texture.

  2. How long do SCULPTRA results last? The effects of SCULPTRA can last up to two years, providing lasting radiance.

  3. Is SCULPTRA safe? Yes, SCULPTRA is FDA-approved and proven safe when administered by a qualified healthcare professional.

  4. Does SCULPTRA require multiple sessions? Yes, multiple sessions are often recommended to achieve optimal results with SCULPTRA.

  5. Is there downtime after SCULPTRA treatment? Most patients experience minimal downtime, with any side effects usually resolving quickly.


Uncover a radiant transformation that is uniquely yours with SCULPTRA. Embrace gradual enhancement that beautifully unfolds over time, nurturing your skin's natural beauty.

Schedule your SCULPTRA consultation today and embark on a journey of timeless radiance. It's time to reveal your skin's inherent vitality and enjoy a transformation that feels entirely your own.
Schedule online or call us at 623-824-1727 to schedule an appointment.

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